Training walks

29 March 2014

First walk with all three Canterbury walkers – Fi, Jonathan and Rhona.

Walked from Robert’s shop – Britford Farm Shop at Britford to Coombe Bissett, through Homington, Odstock and Nunton.

Dry and sunny – 19 degrees. Ground still wet in places

9.93 miles
Britford loop walk


3 May 2014
The Pewsey Avon Trail with friends from 5 Rivers Squash Club. This was a long-standing arrangement to finish off walking the course of the River Avon. (Fi did the Salisbury to Christchurch leg with them a few years ago – 34 miles in one day). So now the 29 miles from Pewsey via Amesbury to Salisbury leg. We had lovely weather again and the 6 of us managed it in 10 hours, arriving at the West door of the Cathedral just as the Hallelujah Chorus was being sung inside for a concert! Yes, we thought the timing was perfect! Completed by Rhona and Fi, plus Mark K, Mark P, Ian, Rachel K with able assistance from Jess and Cali the dogs.
29 miles

PAT 3 May 14


1 June 2014

A good leg stretch on one of our favourite walks. Parked at Old Sarum and followed the path past the sheep fields, over the road and up past Shepherd’s Corner to the Keeper’s Cottage. Turning down The Avenue towards Little Durnford. Said hello to the alpacas, camel and 2 very friendly donkeys at Home Farm. Over the river and back to Avon Farm on the road. Onto the footpath by the river to Stratford and then up the slope of Old Sarum again for that wonderful view of New Sarum.
4.73 miles done by Rhona, Fi and Ginny.
1 June 14

14 June 2014

A hard training walk from Fovant along The Herepath and the Ox Drove, the Chalke Valley of the River Ebble and the Cranborne Chase. Fantastic views of the valleys and downlands.  Horrendous stinging nettles, and long uphill sections. We both suffered from ‘lead-foot-syndrome’ where the hills seemed to go on forever and our feet didn’t seem to want to keep moving!  A hot, long day, but the satisfaction at the end was worth it!
14 miles done by Rhona and Fi.
Fovant 14 June 14


1 July 

A short walk near to Gillingham with my friend Alison and her dog, George. A lovely sunny day with such good company. 8 miles done by Fi.

Gillingham walk 1 July 14



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