Update on 24th July 2014 – our Pledging Pilgrims have donated a combined total including gift aid of £2,715.30! Our thanks go to: Ula, Deborah, Bridget, David, Sara, Alison, Brenda, Julia, Mark, R, Lynn,  Christine, John R, Trish, Jane, Jennie, Sally, Rob, Marian, Michael, Ann, Myra, John, Delia, Mike, Dermot, Yvonne, Michael, David, John, Frances, Liz, Margaret, Richard, Scott, Joyce, Ianthe, Ken, Jean, James, Michael, Linda, avid, Sheila, Allan, John, Rosemary, John, Judith, John, Janet, Sheila, Michael, Peter, Jane and a few  anonymous pledges.

So – how many Pledging Pilgrims do we have journeying with us? Here is an update-

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 20.28.29


And for those who emptied their pockets and said ‘Here, that’s all I have today!’

Please click the images below to find out more about the Friends of St Thomas’s Charity, or go to the Support Us page above to download a form and become a Pledging Pilgrim.

Please comment on the Pilgrims’ progress to motivate and support them on their journey!

If you would like to find out more about the Church of St Thomas’s, please click on the shell below:


The scallop shell is a widely recognised symbol for pilgrims.  It can be seen in the  ‘Doom Painting’ in St Thomas’s Church – on the hat of St James who is the large figure at the bottom on the left.


Click on the image of the Doom Painting if you would like to find out more information about the History of it.


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