A Post from the Pilgrims – Day 8 – Otford to Cuxton

Today, as they say, was a day of two halves.  It started damp, became wet, then there was a thunderstorm with much rain falling with speed on us. This helped to dispel the resentment that had been building over 7 days of sunshine about carrying our waterproof coats each day!



When we met Jonathan at Trosley Country Park, the day started to cheer up and by the time we arrived in Cuxton, there were blue skies overhead and lots of sunshine. Hurrah.



It felt a little odd leaving our lovely overnight stay in Wrotham’s cricket pavilion, drive back to Otford in order to walk straight back to Wrotham!


Unsurprisingly, we didn’t take many photos in the rain, but you can picture the scene – Rhona has a startling pink coat and a bright yellow backpack cover. Do you have that image? Then Fi has a red backpack cover with a lavender coat. The image has got better?  Throw in a thunderstorm and we made a pretty picture! The sound of the rain falling on the leaves of the trees in the woodlands as we passed was enchanting, though we didn’t like the fizzing noise of the rain on the overhead electric wires!


We only had a few climbs today, but they were all long scarp climbs from bottom to top and most of them had a good stream running down them. Fun! The rest of the paths had good surfaces and were fairly wide. There were a lot of woodland tracks. The first ones seemed to have come straight out of the spooky bits of a Disney fairytale cartoon.
It was lovely to see another milestone with the mileage to Canterbury decreasing.


We had a lovely set of large fields at the end of the day.
Due to our early start, Rhona was really pleased that we were able to do 10 miles before noon.
We arrived in Cuxton at mid afternoon to be met by Rev’d Roger Knight, the Rector and his lovely dog, Max.


A fab cup of tea and then off to celebrate St Lawrence’s Day in Upper Halling in their Jubilee Hall which is on the site of a church dedicated to St Lawrence. There was a great welcome for us, along with a high tea and Evensong (a ‘cracking evensong’ according to Jonathan).


Roger then took us to one of his churches- St John the Baptist, to see the chancel paintings. They are rather faded, incomplete and the subject matter is not too clear, but great to see a different one to our Doom Painting. An adjournment to the pub to set the world to rights has ended the day. Oh, the prospect of a bed is wonderful!




Quiz question of the day: what is the blue flower? We found it in abundance in a large meadow growing up to 6ft tall.


Please comment below with your answers!

Love the Pilgrims



4 thoughts on “A Post from the Pilgrims – Day 8 – Otford to Cuxton

  1. We’ll done for not dissolving in all the rain, and for surviving the thunderstorm, not happy when you’re in the open, I know. Sleep well! xxx

  2. Blue Flower – could it possibly be an odd version of a meadow geranium (cranesbill)? I saw a marsh (rather than meadow!) version of what turned out to be a St John’s Wort (hypericum) on a walk in the New Forest recently. There are just so many varieties of all these flowers.

  3. Well done pilgrims, the lovely blue flower may well be a chicory shrub, it does grow wild here in good weather. Best wishes for the rest of the journey. With love and prayers

    Shirley Mahony

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