A Post from the Pilgrims – Day 7 – War Coppice Road to Otford

Day 7 began dry, sunny and benign. So much for the dire warnings of Bertha. Yes, we know she is still on her way and we shall be rained upon tomorrow. But today was calm, less humid than yesterday due to the overnight rain and we were feeling positive after our efforts of the last 2 days. We would like to thank the good folk of St John the Evangelist in Caterham and Suzanne Corps in particular for their kindness and hospitality in letting us use their spacious church hall for our stopover last night.


We started walking at 8.35am on lovely flat woodland paths. It even felt a little chilly after the heat of days 5 & 6. But with Rhona doing her duty as pace setter, we were soon warmed up. The route followed the scarp face up and down through woods and meadows. We were walking parallel to the M25 for a lot of today, so some rather unwelcome background noise. It did make us feel a little smug to see the queues!


We passed a few plaques today – one marking the Greenwich Meridian, one marking the county boundary between Surrey and Kent and another just reminding us (quite unnecessarily) which footpath we were on.


Animals of the day were mostly horses in the far end of a field. But Rhona nearly tripped over a snail (but then her legs aren’t that long) and it was a huge snail! Quiz question 1 for today: what type of snail was it?


The woodland tracks are usually a little sunken down from the surrounding land. The yew trees are in abundance and often their roots are exposed which Fi can’t help thinking is photogenic.


We spent a fair bit of the day passing rather large houses. Our favourite exterior decoration involved 2 characters from a children’s book. Quiz question 2: name the characters, the book and the author.


Jonathan had a very circuitous route from Caterham to find the beautiful cricket pavilion in Wrotham that is our home tonight courtesy of Brenda Jackson.  


Love the Pilgrims



3 thoughts on “A Post from the Pilgrims – Day 7 – War Coppice Road to Otford

  1. Spoiler alert…….Q2 answer Ratty and Mole from Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows. (My great aunt proof-read the original for his publishers!)

  2. Heroes to Zero. Well 0-65 anyway.
    Thought, Canterbury 65 miles. Nearly there.
    Then remembered that it takes sooo much longer walking which reminded me what a fantastic thing you’re doing. Hope that a few weeks down the line you’ll think so too!

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