A post from the Pilgrims – Day 2 – Kings Somborne to River Itchen

Another lovely sunny day with some attempts at rain, but we didn’t need to get our coats out.


We made it to Winchester just after lunch. We were a bit slow because we had to keep stopping to look at the wide and sweeping views with a number of buzzards whirling and crying overhead. The paths were wide and dry, so it was easy walking. We were met at Winchester Cathedral by Rev’d Gregory Clifton-Smith, the Canon Pastor. He took us to the Epiphany Chapel for a chat and a time to pray. What a lovely space of calm.




We were met at Winchester Cathedral by Rev’d Gregory Clifton-Smith, the Canon Pastor.

So that was the end of The Clarendon Way and now we are on The St Swithun’s Way walking along side the River Itchen with a variety of farm animals much to Rhona’s delight.





Having walked for 2 days in the heat with very heavy packs, we  have decided to ease our burden by having our packs transported each day to the next destination. Jonathan kindly offered to retrieve his car to make this possible. However, he will also be doing lots of walking too! He will drop the bags at the next stop and then walk back along the path to meet us and walk onwards with us.

Now we are happily ensconced with the lovely churchwarden of St John the Baptist – Chris Wilson and his wife, Di in Itchen Abbas. He came and found us, took us home, gave us food, let us use their shower, promised us a bed to sleep in, took us to the WW1 memorial service and allowed us to use their Wifi! But best of all, Sophie their Golden Retriever (4.5 months old) greeted us with much wagging of her tail. 



Love the Pilgrims



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