Waling Maddona

Our preparations are nearly complete. Thoughts now turn to days and miles ahead of us. The Pilgrimage has become far more than a walk, a challenge, a fund-raising exercise. These next ten-days are a real opportunity to seek something far, far more …

Lord, may our pilgrimage together be an opportunity to give thanks, to redefine our vision, to search, to be shaped and re-shaped through reflection, interaction, challenge and your forming love. 

Our path to Canterbury is etched across fields and meadows. In a sense we are placing our navigation into the hands of the signposts and the various squiggles on the map – or Rhona’s tablet! We follow the directions. 

We three, we happy three, place our Pilgrimage gratefully and humbly into the hands of our loving and wonderful Father. This will be a prayerful walk, a loving walk one to release as much as to inspire. Therefore we pray … 

Creating God may we go forward, ever mindful of your truth, which leads and guides us. We pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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