Flora, fauna and animal spotting – 6 July 2014

The highlight of walking at this time of year is being surrounded by the outstanding natural beauty of our countryside.  I am too slow with my camera to capture most of the animals – deer, hare, vole, rat and the multitude of birds but I have managed to photograph a solitary butterfly out of the hundreds that accompanied us on our most recent walk to Figsbury Ring.








2 thoughts on “Flora, fauna and animal spotting – 6 July 2014

  1. I don’t know if the three of you are interested but a favourite of mine to listen to-radio 3 and also another favourite-Wednesday’s choral evensong from around Britain(cathedral’s in the main I think)…..on radio 3 is repeated on Sunday.This weeks choral evensong came from Canterbury Cathedral!!!So if you’d like to have a lovely taster of Canterbury and one of the most lovely of services-perhaps ahead of your certain arrival and the possibility of catching one(?!!??!!),then perhaps you would like to tune in on Sunday’s repeat at 3PM (this week)…..13th July.Kick off your hiking boots,shut your eyes,put up your aching feet and dream of your destination to the angelic sound of their choir-re-energize-why not?-and feel your souls ascend with their voices to connect with the heavens and rejuvenate with the Lord’s strength for the journeys ahead.I am thrilled to imagine a journey there whilst I listen to this service,unable as I am to join you on your quest.Physically-no,but spiritually yes!!!!!!Bye!!!!

    • Hi Lizzie
      Thank you for your post(s) and your positive thoughts. I have checked the iplayer and can listen anytime in the next week to the choral evensong from
      Canterbury. I am looking forward to the challenge of the journey with a degree of trepidation but an even greater degree of hope!

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