Practice walk photo’s taken May and June 2014.




10 May 2014 – Grovely Wood



14 June 2014 – Spot the deer in Grovely Wood



10 May 2014 – Grovely Wood



14 June 2014 – Wild orchid – there were so many scattered on a very steep hill.



14 June 2014 – Poppies! Very hot, humid day with very few other walkers out and about – they obviously had more sense;-) Ground mostly firm/hard with occasional puddles. Nettles and grasses up to shoulder height in places and Fi had to beat them down with her walking poles. Tough day walking, feeling physically drained this evening and covered in nettle stings,bites and scratches. On the plus side we did see deer, butterflies, buzzards, orchids and the views were spectacular 🙂




10 May 2014 – Grovely Woods – the end of the bluebell season.



3 May 2013 – Pewsey Avon Trail to Salisbury. Beautiful day – warm, gentle breeze. Walked with Fi and 4 ‘squash’ friends and 2 dogs. Stopped for lunch at The Swan in Enford. Also had two other shorter stops just to re-fuel and also stopped in The Black Horse in Durnford for a final drink before the final climb and descent into Salisbury. Touched the West Door of Salisbury Cathedral just as they started Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus – perfect timing 🙂


IMG_20140503_151112816 (2)

3 May 2014 – Pewsey Avon Trail to Salisbury. Beautiful field of Dandelions.



3 May 2014 – Pewsey Avon Train – Beautiful bench which was very welcome by the weary walkers which looks over hills and valleys just before the final descent into Salisbury.



14 June 2014 – climbing up and down hills.



14 June 2014



14 June 2014



14 June 2014



14 June 2014


One thought on “Practice walk photo’s taken May and June 2014.

  1. what beautiful photos!!!Incredible views and country scenes…..we’re truly blessed to share in such an inspiring journey.I believe you ,all three, will be very prepared,ready and very fit and duly seasoned for your wonderful adventure.God bless you.Savour the Lord’s creation every step of the way.It cannot fail to inspire and rouse prayers within you as you follow The Spirit’s beckoning on to your destination.You will be at one with your surroundings,the elements,the earth and your spirits will come alive to the wonder of God connecting through The Spirit to the spiritual in the ether above and around you.What joy!!!God is with you.As are all of us at St Thomas’s.ONWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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