The Spirit in Every Stream

Peter and Paul-tide saw the ordination of 11 Deacons and 11 Priests in Salisbury Cathedral. Among them were Wendy Cooper and Linda Carter, ordained Priest and Deacon respectively and to whom we send our blessings and prayers for their future ministry. On both occasions the Cathedral was filled with love and joy as relatives and friends joined the ordinands as they took the next step on their individual journeys with God. May they draw deeply from the well of the Holy Spirit.

Pilgrim trails frequently converge on wells. This is true in Ireland and at Wallsingham. Jesus had a significant conversation with a woman at a well. Water sustains life. Yet the water of Baptism is life because death has been defeated. This is new life. As a Celtic prayer has it:

Our heads, our hearts, our feet can be made clean by the love of God that rushes like a pure river through our days.

On our pilgrimage to Canterbury we will accompany rivers and streams more perhaps than tarmac. The flowing water will, no doubt, renew and refresh our heads and hearts and cool our burdened feet at the end of a day. Yet, as mile passes on mile, our little community will also be sustained by the love of God that rushes. We pray that we might sense that rush in every step.

God be with thee in every pass, Jesus be with thee on every hill Spirit be with thee on every stream, headland and ridge and lawn; Each sea and land, each moor and meadow, Each lying down, each rising up, In the trough of the waves, on the crest of the billows, Each step of the journey thou goest. Carmina Gadelica




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